BoudoirNew Orleans Bridal Boudoir by Green Still Photography

My talented photographer friend, Laura Flannery with Laura Flannery Studio and I decided to do a styled boudoir session in Domio, a modern, upscale apartment-like hotel on Baronne Street in New Orleans. The hotel room was a two-bedroom with queen size beds, a full sized gorgeous kitchen with a huge island, and a lot of natural light. The natural lighting, the amount of square footage, their modern decor, and the amazing blue velvet couch is why decided on the Domio hotel room for our bridal boudoir session. We had three different looks and scenes for this New Orleans bridal boudoir session. The first scene was the bride waking up and about to put on her wedding dress, the second scene gave that strong, tough but sensual look, and the third look was the Audrey Hepburn inspired bridal session.

The start of the styled boudoir session focused on the idea of capturing the bride’s start of her day, beginning of her waking up and then putting on her dress. Our model, Christina Elizabeth Smith, did a fantastic job modeling and acting that bridal role. We set the scene as if she was just waking up and then doing a mini bridal boudoir session before she put on her wedding dress. And of course having a morning glass of wine to take away her pre-morning jitters!

The second part of the styled boudoir was geared towards that bad-ass bride. Christina, our gorgeous model was able to give us that serious yet sensual look while she modeled the black velvet robe, nude bra, and black and nude undies. Laura and I had her model in front of the awesome photo of Lil Wayne and Domio’s cool leather chair.

Our last and final scene for this styled session was focused on our Audrey Hepburn inspired wedding dress found at a local Goodwill in Mandeville. We were so lucky to have Christina model because she pulled off the Audrey Hepburn look so easily. Laura with Laura Flannery Studio provided the sunglasses and earrings to finish off the look. Domio’s New Orleans inspired wall paper and decor fit in so well with this session.

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